Our Commitment To Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices at stablebit.cloud. To make this notice easy to find, we make it available at https://stablebit.cloud/privacy.

The Way We Use Cookies

  • The stablebit.cloud service does require the use of cookies in order to facilitate:
    • The functionality of the stablebit.cloud service (for example, authentication, authorization, persistent session data, etc...).
    • Analytics data in order to track and analyze visitors to stablebit.cloud.
    • In order to facilitate access to APIs provided at stablebit.cloud.

The Way We Do NOT Use Cookies

  • We do NOT use cookies to track or sell usage data for advertisement purposes.

The Information We Collect

This notice applies to all information collected or submitted on the stablebit.cloud website, or using software that interoperates with stablebit.cloud.

The types of information collected at stablebit.cloud are:

  • Information is provided to us by our users at stablebit.cloud in order to facilitate the functionality of the service.
  • Information is automatically collected from systems running StableBit software in order to facilitate the functionality of the stablebit.cloud service.
  • For example, some of this information may include (but is not limited to):
    • Email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, location names, that are entered by our users.
    • Real-time operating metrics from computers running StableBit software.
    • Performance metrics, such as temperatures and operating throughputs.
    • Hardware identification information, such as model numbers, serial numbers, plug-and-play identifiers, etc...
    • And any other information that is required to facilitate the functionality of the stablebit.cloud service.

The types of information NOT collected at stablebit.cloud:

  • We never automatically collect any personal files from any systems running software that is provided by the stablebit.cloud service.

How You or Others Can Access Your Information

  • You can access the information collected by using the stablebit.cloud service.
  • Information that you explicitly choose to share publicly will be made visible on the stablebit.cloud service to anyone on the public Internet.

Persistence of Data

  • You can choose to delete your stablebit.cloud account at any time. All information that was collected and linked to your account will be permanently deleted as well.
  • It may take a while to fully purge all of the information associated with your account after account deletion. You will be informed if there will be a delay involved in the account deletion process, otherwise all of your account data will be deleted immediately. This delay is to take into consideration the physical hardware limitations in place on our ability to purge your data, and typically should not last longer than 48 hours.

The Way We Use Information

  • We do not rent or sell any information provided to stablebit.cloud to third parties.
  • Any information provided to stablebit.cloud is used to facilitate the functionality of the stablebit.cloud service and for Customer Service purposes.

Customer Service

  • Any information provided to customer service is archived in our system for record keeping purposes.
  • Employees and contractors of Covecube Inc. (which operates stablebit.cloud) have access to the customer service archived data.
  • Information provided to customer service through stablebit.cloud is never intentionally made visible to the public Internet.